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Rugby St George's Park - 1924 British Rugby Tour of South Africa - Third Test
1924 British Rugby Tour of South Africa - Third Test
September 13, 1924 - Port Elizabeth

For the third international match, played at the Crusader’s ground, Port Elizabeth, the crowd came from far and wide, “four of them travelling from as far afield as Kenhardt by Ford motor”.

With the wind and sun in his favour Bennie Osler soon had Britain on the defensive. It was quite obvious though that this was a different British team to the one which played in Johannesburg.

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Springbok team for the Third Test, Crusader Ground, Port Elizabeth, 1924.Standing: SR Townsend (selector), TJ Dobbin (selector), N du Plessis, AF Markotter (selector), J le Grange, J van Druten, WA Millar, N Bosman, WF Schreiner (chairman, SA selection committee), FW Mellish, M Ellis.
Sitting: D Devine, BL Osler, PK Albertyn (captain), TL Kruger (vice-captain), AP Walker, BE van der Plank.
Front: J Slater, JS de Kock, K Starke.

Whenever the slightest opportunity presented itself they attacked with might and main. They mainly relied on their backs for their attacking methods, and it was they who time after time put their team on the offensive.

Once Rowe Harding was pushed out just in time after the whole three-quarter line had operated. Kruger, however, led the South Africans in a forward rush which transferred play to the other side. Here Kruger was all but over, but the British team cleared their line with tenacity.

Osler however drove them back whenever he got the ball. Again the British backs attacked strongly, and when Kinnear broke South Africa was lucky to stop him on their line. From a five yard scrum Cunningham obtained and forced his way through for a try which the visitors richly deserved. (3 - 0).

Play now swung up and down. First South Africa attacked strongly; the next moment De Kock just saved. Again South Africa launched an attack and when Van Druten obtained in a line-out he steamrollered his way over for a very good try just on the interval. (3 - 3).

From the kick-off Britain went over to the attack, making full use of the wind. Slater stopped Harris just in time, and then Osler caught Griffiths when he was dangerous. Devine then came in for some good defensive work, and Albertyn saved a certain try when he took the centre, ball and all, when the British backs had the overlap.

Van Druten relieved the situation when he dribbled through and enabled Albertyn to find touch deep in British territory. The Springboks were soon on the defensive again, and Osler was temporarily knocked out when he tackled Harris.

Drysdale had a change to put his team in the lead, but missed a fairly easy penalty. The Springboks started to play more with their backs at this stage, and very soon changed the whole complexion of the game.

First Albertyn kicked ahead, and then Starke streaked round his opponent and was tackled by Drysdale. Just on time South Africa again invaded the British half when first Mellish and then Vanderplank dribbled through.

When the final whistle blew the Springboks were hammering at the opposing line. Result; a 3-all draw.

Final Score:
Britain: 3 - South Africa: 3.

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